Thousands of historical recordings have sat dormant for decades as piano rolls but have now been digitally converted so that they can be enjoyed on the modern Disklavier Piano. 

Cortot (Aged 46)
Chopin 'Winter Wind' Etude
(Rec 1923)


Sitting next to one of the great piano virtuosi from the golden age as they give a performance that has earned them a place among the greatest of all time. At the Central Coast Piano Studio, hearing and experiencing (live!) hundreds of the worlds most rare recordings is now a reality thanks to the ground breaking work of  Peter Phillips whose piano roll conversions have made him a leading international expert in the field.

Grieg (Aged 63) 
Performing his Lyric Pieces Op 43
(Rec 1906)
Listen and watch as legendary pianists such as Rachmaninoff, Grieg and Gershwin perform in front of your eyes.....
Horowitz (Aged 25)
Performing his Variations on Carmen
(Rec 1928)
Gershwin (Aged 27)
Performing his 'Rhapsodie in Blue' 
(Rec 1925)

A rare window into the past....