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At the Central Coast Piano Studio located on the Central Coast of NSW students of a young age are welcomed and encouraged to begin a musical journey that will provide them with the necessary foundation on which to build a solid musical future.

The gift of a musical education for your child is taken seriously and the investment from parents is not under estimated. The Central Coast Piano Studio prides itself on providing the highest level of professional guidance for your child's musical education.

Whilst students of all levels are welcome, a strong sense of commitment and respect is expected from both students and parents who are accepted into the studio. This ensures that lessons are both engaging and rewarding.

This ranges from regular achievements in AMEB examinations through to exceptional HSC results and HSC Encore performance nominations.

With an emphasis on quality and a focus on excellence in Piano tuition, The Central Coast Piano Studio continues to produce outstanding results with students who succeed in their musical goals.

Lessons are tailored to the individual requirements of each student and whilst all styles of music are explored, much care is taken to provide them with the technical skills needed to ensure they can play competently in all genres- from boroque and classical through to jazz and contemporary.    

Music eisteddfods are available for those who wish to participate, and for those parents who prefer a system of objectively measurable goals, exams are available through the AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board)

All piano lessons are held at the Central Coast Piano Studio located close to Erina Fair and Terrigal beach.


Providing you child with musical tuition is a gift that can bring them enjoyment throughout their entire lifetime. With so many proven benefits, it is one of the greatest gifts and worthwhile investments

It is therefore important that parents should aim to give their child the best possible support and encouragement so that enthusiasm and progress is maintained.  Being actively involved in the musical journey will greatly assist in your child’s musical development and give them a much better chance of creating a lifelong love of music.

Even if a parent has limited musical knowledge there are still ways that they can help in the routine of practice.

For some practical tips for parents who are eager to know how they can make practical daily contributions to their child's musical progress within the home go to

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