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Adult students are welcomed at the Central Coast Piano Studio. Everyone’s musical journey is unique and the needs of individuals is often very different. Adult can often be rather anxious about taking lessons as they sometimes lack the confidence of younger students.

However, it is never too late for adult learners to explore their musical potential through regular guidance, and just like the younger student there are many associated benefits.

Increased alertness, coordination, self-confidence, artistic expression and general personal growth are only some of the areas that are developed whilst enjoying the process of creating on an artistic and intellectual level.


Often adults return to playing the piano after many years of being too busy with work and family. These students are sometimes concerned that any previous experience or ability has not been retained. However, there is always some amount of knowledge or skill that resurfaces before too long. The best part of learning music as an adult is that you are in no competition with anyone except yourself and the motivation is purely self-driven. Adults learn for the shear enjoyment and fulfilment of the art itself- and not to impress or measure up to anyone else’s expectations.

Whatever your musical preferences are, an understanding of the basic principles of technique and music theory will help you to develop confidence in your playing. Don’t be put off by this as the main focus for adult students is usually always on the enjoyment of playing the piano and making music- not necessarily the cultivation of a perfect technique.  

For support and tips to help you with your learning see

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